Welcome to my wine blog! The wines that are reviewed here, were purchased by me personally and nobody has ever asked me to have their wines reviewed. So in a nutshell, these are very subjective reviews to help you make a more informed purchasing decision :-). For the most part, I enjoy red wines better than white wines. This is just a personal preference and that doesn't mean that there are no good white wines. I just like to drink red wine with almost every food, even sea food.

Most wines you read about on this blog are quality wines. This is because I only buy wine from certain wine stores (that I trust) and I try to stay away from mass-produced wines. Occasionally I buy a bad wine, but I don't find it very rewarding to review bad wines. I rather inform my readers of wines that are worth drinking and are a good value. A quality wine does not have to be expensive. For that reason I focus on wines that are priced under $25. There are many good wines under $10.

I hope that the information is useful in a sense that when you're at a restaurant and would like to know what the real price is of the wine you're about to order, or when you're at a wine store and you have a hard time figuring out what to buy, you visit this site. You, the reader, may leave feedback about a particular wine (if you have personally tasted it) and I am looking forward reading your reviews.


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Are Wines with Corks Better than Wines with Screw caps?

Recently, many wine producers have switched from corks to wines with screw caps. Many people are wondering if wines with corks are better than wines with screw caps? The answer is no. Actually, screw caps preserve the wine a little bit better than most corks. I prefer screw caps, because they are easier to open […]

Buying Wine at the Airport

When you’re at an airport there are of course many options to buy wine. It’s always tempting to buy wine at the airport, because you have time to kill and you’ll see a wine that you may enjoy. But then comes the hassle of getting the wine through security or even to travel with the […]

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