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Domaine Du Cret De Bine Beaujolais 2011

Cret de Bine Beaujolais 2011Here is a slightly different Beaujolais. Still considered light-bodied, this Domaine Du Cret De Bine Beaujolais 2011 is a bit darker beaujolais with bright cherry notes and hints of spice and vanilla. A smooth drinking table wine that has earthy and creamy undertones, so this wine would go well with pasta Alfredo.

Produced by Winemakers Francois and Marie Therese Subrin, who have managed their vineyard since 2008. The vines are grown organically in granite soil and for fermentation they use indigenous yeast, resulting in a delicious complex Beaujolais.

Gamay grapes.

Produced by Domaine Du Cret De Bine, France.

Imported by: Wine Traditions Ltd., Falls Church VA 22044.

Alc. 12%



Hecht & Bannier Cotes du Roussillon Village – 2010

Hecht & Bannier Cote du Roussillon 2010This 2010 vintage of H & B (Hecht and Bannier) Cotes du Roussillon Village is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan.

A good example of a red blend from the Languedoc-Roussillon area in Southern France, a region that has a great variety in terroir and micro-climates. This Cotes du Roussillon Village is medium-bodied with a dark red color and fragrant nose. On the tongue, this wine is smooth with bold black cherry flavor, hints of spice, decent tannins and acidity, which give rise to a dry, smooth finish.

This wine would be a great choice to have with grilled meats and can also be enjoyed by itself.

Vinted and bottled by: Gregory Hecht and Francois Bannier, France.

Imported by Frederick Wildman and Sons Ltd., NY, NY.

Alc. 14.5%



Jean Francois Merieau Cot “Cent Visages” Malbec 2010

Cent Visages Malbec 2010This is truly a great Malbec. Not from Argentina, but from France, this limited edition (small-production), hand-crafted Malbec is a real treat.

Not thick as you may expect from an Argentinian Malbec, Jean Francois Merieau Cot “Cent VisagesMalbec 2010 is modest and dry, with nice acidity and plenty of cranberry and cherry flavors combined with great minerality and smokeyness. While slowly sipping this Malbec, you could almost smell the fields of the vineyards. Great to drink on its own or with some nice cheese or food.

To impress your dinner date, bring a bottle of this Malbec to your BYOB.

Hand-harvested and bottled by Jean Francois Merieau, Loire Valley, France.

Imported by: European Cellars LLC, Charlotte NC.

Alc. 12.5%