Are Wines with Corks Better than Wines with Screw caps?

Are Wines with Corks Better than Wines with Screw caps?

Recently, many wine producers have switched from corks to wines with screw caps. Many people are wondering if wines with corks are better than wines with screw caps?

The answer is no. Actually, screw caps preserve the wine a little bit better than most corks. I prefer screw caps, because they are easier to open and screw caps also are much easier if you’re at a hotel and you want to enjoy a bottle of wine in your room.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve forgotten to bring my wine opener on my trips. For those situations, the best option available is a wine that has a screw cap.

Cork is also a limited resource and so in that respect it’s better if wine producers switch to screw caps. Also many wine produces have switched from natural cork to these foamy corks, which I don’t really like because they’re much harder to take out.

I’ve actually ruined some of my Rabbit Wine Openers trying to open wines that have these foamy corks that are often too tight inside the bottle. So for that reason, I think screw caps are a better alternative to corks and wines with screw caps are in my opinion a lot easier and more convenient.

If the wine producer takes care to put to screw cap on correctly then the shouldn’t be any difference between wines with corks or wines with screw caps.

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