Buying Wine at the Airport

Buying Wine at the Airport

When you’re at an airport there are of course many options to buy wine. It’s always tempting to buy wine at the airport, because you have time to kill and you’ll see a wine that you may enjoy.

But then comes the hassle of getting the wine through security or even to travel with the purchased wines some airports require you to pack your wines inside your checked luggage, which is not a good idea unless you want broken wine bottles all over your suitcase.

If you happen to be allowed to carry the wine with you on-board, then you also have the hassle of having to go through security with your wine and protecting the wine from breakage on your flight, while other passengers try to stuff their oversized luggage in the overhead bin above your head.

For all those reasons I wouldn’t recommend buying wine at the airport. I would just wait until you get to your destination and buy wine there or if you’re going back home just wait until you get home and buy wine at your favorite wine store. Much easier and you save yourself a lot of hassle.

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