Block Nine Pinot Noir 2010

Block Nine Pinot Noir 2010

Block Nine California Pinot Noir 2010This Pinot Noir from Block Nine (Caiden’s Vinyards) in California is simply delicious. Caiden’s vinyards is dedicated to making only Pinot Noir and they do a great job at it.

This wine is a great value given its price and can certainly compete with its much more expensive competitors in the $20 range. Winemaker Larry Levin sources Pinot grapes from local markets in St. Helena to create a high quality low-priced Pinot Noir.

Nice tart Pinot Noir taste, with bright cherry and raspberry flavors with hints of spice and vanilla. Good mouth feel and long finish.

Produced and bottled by Block Nine, St. Helena, CA.

Alc. 13.1%


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