Hunterdon Cellars Pinot Noir 2008

Hunterdon Cellars Pinot Noir 2008

Hunterdon Pinot Noir 2008This Pinot Noir from the Santa Lucia Highlands in California is on the thinner side, with light ruby color and fresh cherry flavors. Light-bodied with minimal tannins, but still a nice overall every-day wine.

The label states 2008 as the vintage, so the wine has kept well all these years.

The Hunterdon Pinot Noir is produced with a Burgundy-style aging process, where the winemakers age the wine in large casks, which let in tiny amounts of oxygen. This so-called “micro-oxidation” softens the wine and adds a little earthiness to its character.

A real value wine, so if you spot this one, definitely worth a try.

Produced by Hunterdon Cellars (Mayro-Murdick Wines), King City CA.

Alc. 13.5%


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