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La Chapelle du Clos Malbec 2010

La Chaepelle du Clos 2010This is another great Malbec from France. Not 100% Malbec, but rather a blend of 85% Malbec and 15% Merlot.

The winemaker, Jean-Luc Baldes, has won the best estate and Winemaker in Southwest France award. He has been producing this Malbec, the Triguedina La Chapelle du Clos, for a number of years.

The wine is dark red in color and has dark blackberry fruit flavors that is both smooth and mineral in texture. Great level of acidity and smooth tannins. This Malbec will go well with meat dishes and cheeses, but is also great on its own. It received 88 points from The Wine Enthusiast.

Vinted & bottled by: Chateau Triguedina, Cahors region, France.

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Imported by EuropeanWine Imports Inc., Cleveland OH.

Alc. 13%



Nandu Malbec 2010

Nandu Malbec 2010This Malbec from the Mendoza region in Argentina is proof that you can find interesting and delicious Malbecs.

Unlike so many Malbecs from Argentina, which are often too thick on the tongue with high alcohol levels, the Nandu Malbec 2010 is very balanced with beautifully layered cherry fruits, combined with a nice level of acidity. Smooth tannins and a nice dry finish.

This Malbec will go well with food, but also with some aged cheeses.

This wine is a project of famous Napa valley winemaker Bernard Portet, who successfully captured the unique character of the Mendoza terroir in this delicious wine. His daughter Nathalie provided the artwork of the flightless bird, Nandu, which is native to Southern Argentina.

Produced and bottled by Bodega No. B-71607, Guaymallen, Mendoza, Argentina.

Imported by Polaris Wines, Napa, CA.

Alc. 13.9%




Jean Francois Merieau Cot “Cent Visages” Malbec 2010

Cent Visages Malbec 2010This is truly a great Malbec. Not from Argentina, but from France, this limited edition (small-production), hand-crafted Malbec is a real treat.

Not thick as you may expect from an Argentinian Malbec, Jean Francois Merieau Cot “Cent VisagesMalbec 2010 is modest and dry, with nice acidity and plenty of cranberry and cherry flavors combined with great minerality and smokeyness. While slowly sipping this Malbec, you could almost smell the fields of the vineyards. Great to drink on its own or with some nice cheese or food.

To impress your dinner date, bring a bottle of this Malbec to your BYOB.

Hand-harvested and bottled by Jean Francois Merieau, Loire Valley, France.

Imported by: European Cellars LLC, Charlotte NC.

Alc. 12.5%